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Foosball International Automation Tournament

It is not just a booking form. It's your team's ticket to eternal glory!

Prepare for a game you'll never forget!

Gear up for some serious fun at F.I.A.T. - the International Automation Foosball Tournament ANEXPO 2024 in Prague!  ⚽⚽⚽

Happening on June 17. It's your chance to show off your foosball skills and mingle with the automation world, and all for a good cause! All contributions will be donated to the Zlatá rybka Foundation in Prague, which fulfils the dreams and wishes of sick children.

F.I.A.T. is where fun meets competition and networking. It's a unique chance to play, connect with industry peers, and support charity. Spaces are limited, so snag your spot quickly and fill in the deets.

Amount raised for Zlatá Rybka: 1700 EUR and counting!


Additional questions? Contact us at

Registered teams:

1. Automa.Net - "SmallBalls Titans" -  Marcin Krzączkowski and Mateusz Ozga

2. Automa.Net - "Backend Bongo Bandits" - Sławomir Lech and Artur Pilch

3. Aserto - "WHITE EAGLES" - Jakub, Wojciech, Tomasz, Joanna

4. TSL - "TSL Team" - Dr. Ahmad Alkouh and Engr. Hamad Al Abdulaziz

5. IDP Automation Ltd - "Two Left Feet" - Ian Pope and Mario Netzer

6. CHIP GERMANY GmbH - "The Spin Masters" - Daniel Erbe and Butaina Madani

7. Renovis srl - "GG - Gnocca Girls" - Sofia Comola and Thea Bogni​

8. Polindustry - "MAD Team " - Michał Bisikiewicz, Anna Lenartowicz and Dawid Stępień
9. SPARES INDUSTRY - "Always Fighting" - Dario Bianchi and Domenico Vessio 

10. Radwell International - "RADWELL WIZARDS“ – Łukasz Kłos and Paweł Berlicki

11. HIMTEK Sp. z o.o. - "Automatic Dwarfs“ – Igor Ledak, Veranika Keuliuk, Norbert Łapiński and Monika Lewicka

12. PLC-City - "PLC-Crazy Pizza“ – Marco Lucci and Simone Della Ragione

13. Parmafluid - "GIALLOBLU“ – Lorenzo Savi and Giovanni Pecorari

14. Amicus Sp. z o.o.  - "Amicus inter pares“ – Adam Malik and Leszek Swierzbin

15. BOPLALIT UAB - "Baltic Boplayers“ – Jonas Kalinauskas and Sigitas Stumbrys

16. Zlata Rybka - Jitka and Kristian 

The tournament’s booking fee of €50 per team, collected cash before the play goes directly to Zlatá Rybka Foundation during the Gala Dinner.

This allows you to contribute positively while enjoying the game.

Company team registartion
Player 1
Player 2

Thanks for your registration and remember, on the field, we're rivals, but off it, we're all part of the beautiful game ;)

This form no longer accepts submissions.

Terms & Conditions

Regulations of the "FIAT" Foosball International Automation Tournament.

I. Organizer:
The organizer of the Tournament is Automa.Net Sp. z o. o. registered in Rzeszów (Poland).

II. Purpose of the Tournament:
The purpose of the Tournament is sports competition in the spirit of fair play, combined with delegate networking. Additionally, participation fees for the tournament will be donated to a charity organization - Zlatá rybka of Prague.

III. Date and Place:
The tournament will be held on 17.06.2024 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. 
The tournament will start at 11:00 am.
The finals of the tournament will be held during the Welcome Reception at 9:00 pm.

IV. Applications with entry fee:
Each company participating in the ANEXPO 2024 event may enter any number of pairs (1 person may play in a maximum of 1 pair).
The maximum number of pairs for the entire tournament is 64 - the order of applications is decided.
The entry fee is EUR 50 and will be entirely donated to charity.
Applications will be accepted until 31/04/2024 at 17:00.
Applications should be made via the registration form or email contact:

V. Rules of the tournament:
The tournament is played in the Swiss system, divided into two stages.
a) Stage one qualifications. The number of rounds in this stage is 2. In each round, the team plays one match "1 to 7", the match is won by the team that first scores seven goals. This stage will allow the teams to be seeded for the second qualifying stage.
b) Stage two, qualifying rounds. 1 KO cup system. We play one match to "1 to 7", the losing team is eliminated from the tournament, and the winning team moves on to the next round.
The winner of the match reports the result to the competition office.
After the tournament office calls the matches, both teams have 2 minutes to start the match. If one of the teams is not there, please report it to the tournament office, a second call will be made, after which you will get an additional minute to start the matches. If after this time the missing team still does not appear, it loses the match in a ratio of 2:7.
The match is preceded by a coin toss. The winner of the draw chooses the right to serve or a table side
A serve is when the ball is brought into play from the midfield line at the beginning of the match, after a goal or as a result of an infringement of the rules by the opponent. The "Rule of Readiness" applies every time the ball is put into play.
A serve can be started when the ball is stationary at the centre-midfield player
"Rule of Readiness" Before putting the ball into play, the player in possession of the ball should ask his opponent if he is ready to play. The opponent has three seconds to respond. After hearing the answer, the server has three seconds to start playing.
If the ball leaves the field of play and hits the score counter or any object that is not part of the table, it is considered an out ball. If the ball hits the surface or top of the boards and immediately returns to the table, it is considered "ball in play".
A ball that has come to a complete stop and is out of reach of any foosball player is called "dead". A ball in a dead centre anywhere between the midfield lines shall be served again. The ball in the dead centre between the goal and the midfield line shall be thrown into play from the defenders closest to where it came to rest. The game should be resumed in accordance with the "standby principle"

V. Final Provisions: 
The organizer reserves the right to modify the tournament based on the number of registered teams.


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