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Across the Seas for Synergy: Mizen Automation's Epic Voyage to ANEXPO

Embarking from the land renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and spirited adventurers, Mizen Automation is setting a new standard for commitment and global connectivity! From the far reaches of New Zealand, a country celebrated not just for its natural beauty but also for its spirit of exploration, Mark and his team at Mizen Automation are journeying over 18,000 kilometers to Prague. It's the journey that sets the bar for global networking; it's a testament to the lengths they will go to forge new partnerships and explore uncharted territories in the world of industrial automation. Join us as we delve into the story of their incredible journey, a narrative of perseverance, connection, and the relentless pursuit of growth. Gabriela Ozga conducts an insightful interview with Mark Hurley (Managing Director at Mizen Automation), uncovering the ethos of Mizen Automation and the compelling reasons behind their participation in ANEXPO. Now, let's dive into this engaging dialogue. Gabriela Ozga: Mark, thank you for accepting our invitation to join ANEXPO and doing this interview! Please tell us briefly about your company, Mizen Automation, and why you decided to participate in this event. Can you tell us more about your team and how you are preparing to participate in ANEXPO? What goals are you setting for the event?

Mark Hurley: Mizen Automation is a New Zealand-based industrial automation hardware supplier. We are based in the beautiful city of Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand.

We sell new and obsolete parts, carry out repairs, and also purchase unwanted surplus hardware. The company was set up in 2014 to address the unnecessary disposal of surplus and faulty industrial automation hardware into landfills. We have since grown and expanded our range so that we now also sell new current line products from all the world’s leading brands.

We have a team of 5 full-time and 2 part-time staff. The team is all based in New Zealand except one who is based out of Singapore. 2 of the team will be traveling over to Prague in June to participate in the ANEXPO, to get there we will need to travel over 18,000 km. Why are we going? Well, we want to meet like-minded people and businesses so that we can start to build a better network of suppliers and as a result of this, we can give our customers here in New Zealand and Australia more options.

Gabriela: To travel such a distance to Prague from New Zealand is a truly impressive feat. Can you tell us about your journey? How many hours of flying and how many stops did you have to make to reach us?

Mark: As mentioned, we will be traveling over 18,000 km to be there with you all at ANEXPO.

· Flight #1 is a domestic flight from Dunedin to Auckland is about 2 hours.

· We then have a layover in Auckland for about 4 hours.

· Flight #2 is from Auckland to Dubai and is 17 hours.

· We then have a layover in Dubai for about 2 hours (so hopefully there will be no delays with flight #2!)

· Flight #3 is from Dubai to Prague and is a 6-hour flight.

All up it will take us about 31 to 32 hours of non-stop travel to get there. Due to a long layover in Dubai on the way back, it will take us over 40 hours of non-stop travel to get back home after the event!

Gabriela: How did you find out about ANEXPO?

Mark: We signed up to the Automa platform back in 2021 so have been watching it grow over the last few years! We wanted to go to Rome last year but due to other business commitments, we could not make the trip.

Gabriela: What made you and your company decide to participate in ANEXPO 2024? What benefits do you see in participating in this event?

Mark: As we are based in New Zealand, we are so far away from many of the world's top industrial automation suppliers based in Europe and North America. The time difference is a big problem when it comes to networking and meeting new suppliers, so we have decided to make the pilgrimage to Prague to meet these suppliers in person. What we would like to do is to form good relationships with new suppliers so that we can work together and mutually benefit from these new working arrangements.

Gabriela: Who will accompany you on your journey / participate with you at ANEXPO 2024?

Mark: I am the owner and Managing Director of Mizen Automation and on this trip, I will be taking Paul Stuart with me, he is our Senior Sales Executive and is a very knowledgeable individual when it comes to industrial automation sales.

Gabriela: ANEXPO is an event that attracts participants from all over the world. What guided you in choosing this particular event over others?

Mark: This event is specifically for industrial automation suppliers, that is what we do so it resonates more than other events. We see more value in getting together with like-minded companies to discuss ways that we can all work together and all benefit instead of attending conferences where, for example, OEMs are showcasing their new products.

Gabriela: What would you like to pass on to other entrepreneurs or delegates who are thinking about attending international events such as ANEXPO?

Mark: There are a lot of benefits to networking and making new connections. By attending an event like this and meeting others, you will leave with more options for your customers which can only be a good thing for your own business. We will be travelling a long way to be there so hopefully you can travel a short distance to be there too!

Gabriela: What would you like ANEXPO attendees to remember after meeting Mizen Automation?

Mark: That we are a good bunch of people, working hard doing what they do but on the other side of the planet! Also, due to the distance and time zone, it is really hard for us to get the parts we need promptly, so if they can help with good, quick communication it helps us out!

Gabriela: Can you tell us about Mizen Automation's core values and philosophy?

Mark: As mentioned earlier, the company was set up to address the unnecessary disposal of surplus and faulty industrial automation hardware into landfills. We are very aware that every little bit helps when it comes to the environment, so we are doing our bit by contributing to the circular economy. By repairing and refurbishing used and/or defective industrial automation hardware, this hardware becomes available once more to be used in the industrial environment and avoids ending up in a landfill. Gabriela: Thank you, Mark! See you in Prague

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