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Congratulations to Luminag-AutoSimatic awarded the Feeling Social

It's time to celebrate the remarkable achievement of Luminag-Autosimatic company as they have received the prestigious Feeling Social Award at ANEXPO2023 in Rome! Let's raise a toast to their success! 🎉🥂

The Feeling Social Award was given to the company which is a huge support in growing the Automa.Net community. Luminag-Autosimatic is #1 in the ranking of Automa.Net members who invite the largest number of business partners to our platform.

The ANEXPO award ceremony highlighted the significance of having partners who aid in the expansion of our Automa.Net platform.✨

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Nuno and the incredible Luminag-Autosimatic team for their priceless assistance and cooperation! 🤝

🎟️ Join the #1 Conference for Industrial Automation Trade Companies on 17-19 June 2024! Don't wait too long, as spaces are limited and demand is sky-high! ⏳

Spread the word, tag your friends, and let's make ANEXPO 2024 the most talked-about event of the year! 📢👥 Share your excitement using #ANEXPO2024 and join the global conversation.

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