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Get Ready for ANEXPO 2024: Where Industrial Automation Leaders Gather

Are you part of the industrial automation world? If so, ANEXPO 2024 is the event you can't afford to miss! Coming up from June 17-19 at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, this event is a key gathering for industry professionals. With 86 companies already booked, it’s shaping up to be a landmark event!

Why ANEXPO 2024 is a Game-Changer for Your Business

Connect with Industry Leaders

ANEXPO provides a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with industry leaders. This is your chance to connect with top executives and decision-makers from across Europe and beyond.

Expand Your Business Network

The event is perfect for forging new business relationships. With 86 companies already set to attend, you’ll find potential partners that are eager to explore new ventures.

connections happen.

Showcase Your Innovations

ANEXPO 2024 is a dedicated event for showcasing your products and services to a targeted audience. Take advantage of the expo’s extensive marketing tools, including website listings, banners, and brochures, to boost your visibility and reach the right audience.

Maximize Your Time

Use the event’s efficient meeting organizer app to schedule up to 30 impactful meetings over three days. The last expo hosted 700 meetings!

Expert Insights on Hot Topics

The ANEXPO will feature talks from industry experts on critical issues such as the Circular Industry and Digital Transformation in the Industrial sector. These sessions are invaluable for staying ahead of trends and understanding the future direction of the industry.

A Must-Attend Event

With 86 companies already committed to attending, ANEXPO 2024 is set to be an essential event for anyone in the industrial automation field. It’s more than just an expo; it’s a hub of innovation, collaboration, and growth.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your business and make impactful connections that could shape the future of your operations. Register now at and secure your spot at one of the most important industrial automation gatherings of the year.

We look forward to welcoming you to Prague this June!

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