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A Frequently Asked Question provides you answers to common questions about ANEXPO.

 It's a helpful resource that can save you time and provide quick answers to queries. Are you curious about the event and how you can get involved? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions you may have. We're happy to help!

How big is the event and what type of delegates can we expect to meet as an exhibitor? 

In Prague, we expect to have 150 companies and 300 delegates.
When it comes to the type of companies 80% of them are going to be distributors of different types (wholesalers, official resellers, brokers, etc.). Also, we are invite system integrators, service providers, software companies, and small manufacturers who are looking to expand their distribution network.  When it comes to delegates most often you will see business owners, sales/purchasing directors (management/decision makers).

Is the hotel included in the delegate ticket price?

As far as accommodation is concerned, participants provide it themselves. We recommend booking at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, our meeting delegates and their spouses have a special rate.

What's the purpose of this meeting, what can I achieve there? 

The ANEXPO offers a unique opportunity to connect with decision-makers from industrial automation businesses, including distributors, integrators, and SME manufacturers. You can expand your business network, generate new opportunities, and promote your products and services at your stand. Furthermore, ANEXPO offers evening integration events and a chance to explore Prague with new and current business partners. Participants of our meetings enjoy the meeting's formula and networking atmosphere. You can actually make some deals with partners and start new cooperations as most of the participants are decision - makers.

Does the general public get access to this event or is it by invitation only? 

The event is closed to the general public. Only delegates who have a ticket for the event can access it.
You can start preparing for a good ANEXPO meeting way before it starts. Thanks to our app you can not only set up meetings but also inform participants about your goals and network with other delegates.

Do I need to register in advance?

Yes, because our space is limited! Early ticket reservation guarantees you booking an attractive exhibition space, and better visibility among other exhibitors, and allows your company to participate in comprehensive promotional marketing.

Can I take my spouse to the meeting?

Yes, you can bring your spouse to the ANEXPO meeting by purchasing a spouse ticket, which includes access to the Welcome Reception with Open Bar and Gala Dinner.

Will I be hungry?

Not at all! Fear not, you are our guest! We've got you covered with a coffee service complete with sweet and savory snacks for your networking pleasure. Plus, delicious lunches are served during the southern noon hours."

Is breakfast included in the hotel booking?

Absolutely! We want to give you the best start to the intensive networking and activities guaranteed during ANEXPO. That's why we are pleased to offer complimentary breakfast for all our guests who book the Clarion Congress Hotel directly through our website.

Can you support me with some marketing activities as a part of the ANEXPO event?

ANEXPO may have sponsorship or advertising opportunities available for interested companies to support their marketing activities. By purchasing a Ticket Expo Table, Premium Booth, or Partner, your business will receive extra marketing exposure, including blog posts, newsletter posts, display ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, social media posts, and entry in the printed event catalog.

What is the timetable for the event?

The ANEXPO event spans three days and includes a Welcome Reception, featuring a cocktail party, as well as a Gala Dinner with live music. For a detailed schedule, please refer to the Agenda section.

What is the dress code for the event?

For most of the event, we recommend a smart-casual dress code. However, during the Gala Dinner, we kindly request attendees to wear formal attire. This ensures a professional and elegant atmosphere throughout the evening.

If anything is unclear to you - ask! Write to us at one of the following addresses: or


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