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A Warm Welcome to E-Trade Automation! Our New Expo Table Exhibitor.

E-Trade Automation from Poland is the next company that has now booked an expo table.

E-TRADE AUTOMATION offers one of the best prices for a number of leading manufacturers of industrial automation and instrumentation. All products are confirmed by manufacturers' quality certificates.

The company is engaged in deliveries from Europe, the USA and the countries of Asia. All supplied products are guaranteed for at least 12 months. E-Trade is an Official Importer the top brands like ABB, Omron, Phoenix Contact, SIEMENS and much more.

The company also provides services for modernization of equipment, diagnostics and programming of equipment and repair of automation and instrumentation (equipment such as operator panels, modules, controllers, boards, frequency converters, etc.).

E-Trade Automation – a specialist in Automation – join Automa.Net Meeting & Expo and meet a great Polish distributor team.

Come and join us at the biggest Meeting & Expo for companies operating in the industrial automation market: Distributors, Component Suppliers, Brokers, Dealers, System Integrators, and Manufacturers.


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