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Book Your Meetings for ANEXPO 2024 Today

No need to wait until June - You can start planning your meetings now!

As we all look forward to ANEXPO 2024 with great excitement, we're thrilled to announce that our special app for booking meetings during the event is ready to use. The opportunity to connect with other attendees is ready for you right now!

Start Using the App Today

We invite you to activate your account today at the Swapcard app. Gain access to delegate profiles, speaker sneak peeks and event agenda, ensuring you arrive in Prague not just prepared, but primed for success.

👉 Discover exhibitors that match your interests/needs

👉 Easily schedule meetings with other delegates

👉 Add information to your profile so people know who you are

👉 Chat with attendees to make connections before the event

👉 Stay up-to-date with the event schedule and other important info

Download the "Swapcard" app.

Activating Your Profile

If you don't have an account yet, go to the magic link below or scan the QR code and join the #ANEXPO2024 community. It's really easy!

Special Acknowledgment

We would like to take this moment to warmly thank Radwell International from the United Kingdom, our esteemed MEETING APP PARTNER, for their invaluable support.


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