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Discover the Future of Industrial Automation at ANEXPO

The industrial automation sector is at a crucial juncture, with distributors facing the challenge of managing surplus stock and navigating price adjustments from the highs of 2022. Amidst these challenges, the focus has shifted towards optimizing operations, securing manufacturer partnerships, and uncovering new sales channels. ANEXPO stands out as a pivotal gathering for distributors aiming to tackle these issues head-on!

Meet 100+ companies from 30+ countries! Key Participants at ANEXPO:

  • Adegis

  • Aserto

  • Cofiem

  • DREAMland

  • Distributor Data Solutions

  • E-Trade Automation

  • Fluor Electric

  • JC-Electronics

  • Maxi Automation

  • Maxodeals

  • NRI Industrial

  • Nuova Elva

  • PLC-City

  • Polna

  • Radwell

  • Relpol

  • TSL

  • Techenergo


Why ANEXPO is a Must-Attend:

Unparalleled Networking: The event is a prime opportunity for engaging with industry leaders: discussing terms with marketplaces, getting to know companies supporting your trade business, and forging new partnerships.

Market Insights: Gain firsthand knowledge of the latest trends, operational strategies, and opportunities from experts in the field.

Innovation Showcase: Explore cutting-edge products, services, and technologies that can elevate your business operations and competitive edge.

ANEXPO is more than an event; it's a catalyst for growth and innovation in the industrial automation industry. Whether your goal is to streamline operations, explore new sales channels, or connect with leading brands, ANEXPO is your gateway.

Ready to shape the future of your business? Join us at ANEXPO. For more information and to register, visit Seize the opportunity to redefine your place in the industrial automation landscape.

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