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Meet our delegates!

Let me introduce you to our delegates who have confirmed their participation in the Automa.Net Meeting&Expo🎉 from Austria

The activities of include the sale of components for industrial automation, repairs and various project-related services.

K2 Automation Ltd. from the United Kingdom

Here at K2 Automation, we specialize in OBSOLETE and NEW industrial controls, automation, drives, Servo-motors. HMI, power distribution and instrumentation.

Maxi Automation Limited from the United Kingdom

As a trusted supplier for many of the world’s leading industrial brands, we can supply you with anything from a single component up to a fully specified safety system.

JC-Electronics from the Netherlands

An international company in the field of industrial electronics. We make a contribution to the circular economy by refurbishing used or defective electronics for businesses and factories and providing service work for them.

ADEGIS from Poland

ADEGIS specializes in the sale and repair of industrial electronics and automation components. They also provide exchange services and they are the official Polish representative of JC-Electronics and IBA AG.

Come and join us at the most significant Meeting & Expo for companies operating in the industrial automation market: Distributors, Component Suppliers, Brokers, Dealers, System Integrators, Manufacturers.


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