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Meet These Companies in-person!

ANEXPO 2023 is just around the corner…Have you had a chance to register yet? ⌛ It's only TWO MONTHS away, so don't wait too long!

A networking meeting for industrial automation companies is to be held in Rome, on 17-19 May 2023.

We already have over ✨ 115 delegates from 54 different companies and 23 countries ✨ who have secured their spots! We're expecting even more attendees, with a goal of crossing 150 delegates at the event.

Meet executives from these companies:

✰ from Italy - Our Gala Dinner Partner

✰ DREAMland from the Czech Republic - Our Welcome Reception Partner

✰ PartTracker from the Netherlands - Our Coffee Break Partner

✰ Aserto from Poland

✰ Maxodeals from the Netherlands

✰ Nuova Elva from Italy

✰ NRI Industrial Sales from the United States

✰ Distributor Data Solutions from the United States

✰ Northern Industrial from the United Kingdom

✰ SPSdirekt from Austria

✰ Elektryk from Poland

✰ E-Trade Automation from Poland

✰ Power Service from Italy

✰ JC-Electronics from the Netherlands

✰ PLE Service from Poland

✰ Promotech from Italy

✰ Techenergo from the Czech Republic

✰ PLC POINT from Italy

✰ Fumex Limitada from Chile

✰ COFIEM Electronics from France

MM Engineering Services from the United Kingdom

✰ Elektrotehnika Hajdinjak from Croatia

✰ Fogliani from Italy

✰ IDP Automation from the United Kingdom

✰ Candas from Poland

✰ QUERO Automation from Spain

✰ Nevo Sector from Bulgaria

✰ Ultratech from Romania

✰ SEM Solution from Italy

✰ EEC Engineering from Lithuania

✰ Luminag - AutoSimatic from Portugal

✰ Gea from Italy

✰ K2 Automation from the United Kingdom

✰ Meyer Industrie-Electronic from Germany

✰ Buy2Sell from Denmark

✰ Succon Group from Poland

✰ Ramos from Italy

✰ Automation Supply from Lithuania

✰ UNIS Group from the Netherlands

✰ PLCconnex from Poland

✰ JC-Electronics from Italy

✰ Advancias from the Netherlands

✰ Cp Trade from Poland

✰ TSL Company from Saudi Arabia

✰ Renovis from Italy

✰ NOVAUT from Spain

✰ Automation Trader from Poland

✰ Elteh from Slovenia

✰ Power Plus Automation from India

🤝 We are pleased to announce that PLCConnex from Poland has confirmed its participation in ANEXPO 2023! 🤝

Come and join us at the most significant Meeting & Expo for trade companies operating in the industrial automation market: Distributors, Brokers, System Integrators, and Manufacturers. RESERVE YOUR BOOTH NOW, contact us at

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