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Starwell Automation joining ANEXPO 2024 in Prague!

🤝 We are pleased to announce that Starwell Automation from Bahrain has confirmed its participation in ANEXPO 2024 in Prague! 🤝

Starwell Automation WLL, based in Bahrain, is a company specializing in B2B trade. We have an efficient & experienced procurement team, supported by a cadre of technical professionals, and backed by a solid financial foundation.

The company procures surplus stock automation items from Authorized Distributors, System Integrators, corporations and end customers in the Middle East and supplies surplus new and used obsolete industrial and Marine automation products such as Servo motors, Servo drives, AC drives, PLCs, HMI panels, and Sensors to buyers in various countries around the world, particularly in the USA and Europe.

The company's excellent successes are reflected in its extensive list of satisfied customers from all corners of the globe. The company places great emphasis on meeting customer expectations by providing fast and reliable services.

Starwell Automation WLL is a dynamic force in the commercial landscape, skillfully navigating the sourcing and distribution of surplus industrial automation components and marine products while providing exceptional customer service to diverse customers around the world.

Come and join us at the most significant Meeting and Expo for trade companies operating in the industrial automation market: Distributors, Brokers, System Integrators, and Manufacturers.


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