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UNIPRO joining ANEXPO 2023 in Rome!

🤝 We are pleased to announce that UNIPRO & Consulting from Germany has confirmed its participation in ANEXPO 2023 in Rome! 🤝

UNIPRO's core competency is purchasing industrial replacement parts and components strategically. The company can provide all the unique parts for the production, repair, maintenance and servicing of equipment, devices or even complete production systems and assembly lines.

UNIPRO manages monitored and optimized deliveries for the following industries like Automotive, car manufacturing industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, natural gas industry, electricity generation industry, industrial machinery, pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry and much more.

Come and join us at the most significant Meeting & Expo for trade companies operating in the industrial automation market: Distributors, Brokers, System Integrators, and Manufacturers. RESERVE YOUR BOOTH NOW, contact us at

Relpol joining ANEXPO 2023

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