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ANEXPO Charity
Dart Tournament

We are thrilled to invite you to the ANEXPO Charity Dart Tournament, an exciting dart competition proudly supported by PLC-City.

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16 June 2025 | Hilton Warsaw City |  Warsaw, Poland

Entry Fee: 50 EUR

Additional donations are welcome!

Supported by:

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The tournament’s booking fee of €50 per team, collected cash before the play goes directly to a foundation during the Gala Dinner. This allows you to contribute positively while enjoying the game.

ANEXPO Dart Tournamet is where fun meets competition and networking. It's a unique chance to play, connect with industry peers, and support charity. Spaces are limited, so snag your spot quickly and fill in the deets.

The Grand Prize

The Winner Gets a Cruise Trip for 2 person around the Mediterranean Sea!

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Event Highlights


Competitive Fun

Showcase your dart skills in a thrilling knockout tournament format. Aim for the bullseye and compete against top players!

Charitable Cause

All proceeds from the entry fees will be donated to a charitable foundation. Your participation helps make a significant impact!

Gala Dinner

Join us for an elegant Gala Dinner on 18 June 2025, where we will officially transfer the funds raised and celebrate the success of the tournament.

Why Participate?


Support a Good Cause:

Every dart thrown contributes to a charitable foundation, making your participation meaningful and impactful.


Enjoy the ANEXPO Experience:

The tournament is part of the ANEXPO event, Automa.Net’s Meeting & Expo, offering a comprehensive experience of innovation, networking, and entertainment.


Network and Connect:

Meet and connect with business partners in a vibrant and dynamic environment.

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Tournament Esteemed Partner


We are honoured to have PLC-City as our partner, whose dedication to community service and charitable efforts plays a crucial role in making this tournament a success.

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We’d love to see you at ANEXPO Dart Tournament

ANEXPO Dart Tournament Terms and Conditions


Event Details

  • Event Name: ANEXPO Dart Tournament

  • Date: 16 June 2025

  • Venue: Hilton Warsaw City, Warsaw, Poland

  • Organizer: ANEXPO

  • Partner: PLC-City

  • Entry Fee: 50 EUR (additional donations are welcome)

  • Beneficiary: All proceeds will be donated to a charitable foundation.

  • Gala Dinner and Official Transfer of Funds: 18 June 2025


  1. Participation is open to individuals aged 18 and above.

  2. Participants must complete registration and pay the entry fee to compete.

  3. Participants of the tournament is open to the ANEXPO event attendes, Automa.Net’s Meeting & Expo (hereafter referred to as the “ANEXPO”), organized by Automa.Net sp. z o.o., with registered office in Małopolska 1/203, 35-620 Rzeszów, Poland, Company Number 0000897058, Poland VAT number PL5170415671 (hereafter referred to as “Automa.Net”).


  1. Participants must complete the official application form available on the ANEXPO website or submit their participation to the ANEXPO event organisers for information.

  2. The entry fee of 50 EUR must be paid before the tournament starts.

  3. Registration will close on 16 June 2025.

Tournament Rules

  1. The tournament will adhere to standard dart game rules.

  2. Matches will be conducted in a knockout format.

  3. Participants are expected to exhibit sportsmanship and adhere to the rules.

  4. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any participant for misconduct or rule violations.


  1. The organizer is not liable for any injuries or accidents that occur during the tournament.

  2. Participants are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their belongings.

Data Protection

  1. Participants' personal data will be used solely for organizing the tournament.

  2. Data will not be shared with third parties except as required by law.


  1. The organizer reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

  2. Any disputes arising from the tournament will be resolved by the organizing committee.

Contact Information

For any queries, please contact the ANEXPO organizing committee at

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